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Frownies pH-Balancing Complexion Wash 118ml

Younger Looking Skin Starts with Clean Skin

Use Frownies pH-Balancing Complexion Wash to help

  • Cleanse the face without using soap
  • Detoxify and balance the skin pH
  • Remove makeup

The beauty of your skin tomorrow starts today with the skin maintenance program you maintain. The first step in any anti wrinkle system that will produce or maintain younger looking skin is clean skin. Frownies pH Balancing Complexion Wash is a natural skin cleanser that will protect the integrity of the skins natural sun protective layer. Exfoliation that is done daily and gently can support wrinkle free skin, gently clearing skin pores of environmental and cosmetic build up without breaking the protective acid mantel of the skin. pH Complexion Wash is gentle and powerful, and can be used on all skin types.

Frownies pH-Balancing Complexion Wash is a soap-free fruit cider wash that cleanses, balances and revives environmentally or hormonally stressed skin.

Suitable for all skin types:

Dry Skin – for a smoother healthier looking skin

Oily Skin – for beautiful clean skin

Acne Skin – balances the skin pH