Delivery Information

1.1 Frownies NZ delivers nationwide. All items are well packaged for safe delivery. Delivery time within New Zealand is generally 2-3 working days (rural deliveries may take longer),

1.2 Frownies NZ guarantees delivery in New Zealand, so long as our conditions of trade have been met, the address details are correct and Frownies NZ agents personnel and/or property will not be endangered by delivering to the destination (as solely determined by Frownies NZ or Frownies NZ agents). We reserve the right to refund the purchase price (and any delivery charge) rather than send / resend an item in the instance where an item is lost or, in our sole opinion, the destination is unreliable and / or unsafe to our Frownies NZ agents personnel and / or property for whatever reason.

1.3 We reserve the right to withhold delivery in the instance that we believe (at our sole discretion) payment may be dishonored (due to credit card / internet fraud or the like) at any time where we suspect a default or fraud.

1.4 Please ensure you have supplied us with the correct delivery address as we will not be responsible for delivery to an incorrect address. In such instances where an incorrect delivery address has been supplied, the customer shall be responsible for the cost to resend the item.

1.5 All orders are normally shipped within 24 hours as such we cannot usually stop a delivery after this time.


2.1 Free shipping within New Zealand.